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Jean Deneubert vient de publier un ouvrage sur le tarot de Marseille, celui-ci est un livre à écrire sur le tarot, rien à voir avec des ouvrages donnant l'explication de chaque lame, ou une méthode quelconque de tirage. Cette fois-ci, c'est au lecteur de laisser libre cours à son imagination. Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu. Fiche technique de cet ouvrage: ISBN 978-1-4710-5516-4 Copyright Jean Deneubert (Licence de copyright standard) Publié janvier 21, 2012 Langue Français Pages 70 Reliure Couverture souple Dos carré collé Encre intérieure Couleur pure Dimensions (cm) 14.8 de large & par; 21.0 de haut Prix Public : 19,39 € (Voir en bas de cet page un aperçu de cet ouvrage de Jean deneubert)

About me...

Practicing since 1985, Jean Deneubert was a clairvoyant(light) of the new generation which, due to its indisputable gifts(donations) of clairvoyance, was very fast mediatized via the press, the radio and the television.

It is indeed dice 1987, in 24 years, that his(her,its) vocation brings him(it) to work for the telematic service(department) of the newspaper "Le Parisien" (3615 code Olympe), who will know a big hit. We speak then about him in the press but also in the specialized books which will put forward(advance) his(her,its) authentic gifts(donations) as well as the new way she(he) approaches the clairvoyance, natural, without subtlety.

Jean Deneubert also participates in numerous festivals of the clairvoyance (in Nantes, Paris and Geneva, Papeete). First interview broadcast in February, 1990, in the Newspaper of 13 hours(1 pm) of TF1, where Michel Chevalet interviews him(it) on the occasion of five millionth Minitel in France. He(it) will appear then repeatedly on the various French chains(channels), in particular beside Arthur in 1990, in " the Impossible Broadcast(Emission,Issue) " ( TF1) as well as on France 3, with André Berkoff, on the theme " The vitality of the Love ".

In 1992, in association with Funny Radio, he(it) audiotel of consultation of clairvoyance create the first service(department). And it is then with the support of TF1 that he(it) renews the experience(experiment) in 1999 with a new concept which will be baptized " The line of the clairvoyance ". Throughout these years, numerous guides of the clairvoyance did not stop approving by a large majority him(it) as one of the best clairvoyants(lights) of France. Previously, his(her,its) consultations did not know borders because according to the demands(requests), he(it) moved in every corner of France and even in Belgium and in Switzerland(Swiss).

In 2006, after a casting for M6, he is selected and becomes for a while a columnist(commentator) in Max's broadcast(emission,issue), of Funny Radio, in "It's about time" CPTT, in the morning between 06:00 am and 09:00 am, and he answers directly(live) télespectateurs, and also present guests on the set, all this in the good mood!...

The same year in August unfortunately, Jean Deneubert will undergo a dramatic accident, which will prevent him(it) from having a practice during 3 years, and it is thus in 2009 when it will resume(take back) its work of clairvoyant(light). Nobody will have forgotten him(it), because he(it) will receive a number considébrable of mails, phone calls, to encourage him(it), support him(it), and especially to wait his(its) professional resumption.

Always on the lookout for the technologies allowing him(her) to enter direct contact with his consultants, Jean Deneubert created this Web space where it is possible to you from now on to consult him(it) personally by telephone, simply by following the explanations which you will find on this site...

In 2013 it is on radio VIBRATION that we can again hear(understand) him(it) in the side of Sara and Marco. Jean Deneubert always meets so much success during his interventions on a media support(medium). You can listen again to his(her,its) passages on VIBRATION, by returning you in the column(section) "Media".

We wish you a pleasant visit!;-)

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